Sep. 9th, 2009

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This time from [personal profile] the_siobhan

By Iconomicon. I'm conflicted about this icon, actually. I initially snagged it because living in a tourist area, there's all sorts of annoying bs that locals have to deal with, and I also find it sort of funny in a "if you're just driving by and seeing this journal, here be dragons" sort of way. Given the likely context of the sign, though, I find it sort of troubling from an imperialist sort of perspective. I'm probably overthinking it.

By Ty at Obsessive Icons. Originally for use with diet posts. Now used more ironically in a "fuck guilt over food" sort of way.

By how_iconic. Found in a search for Doctor Who icons. I love the drama queenie aspect of the text.

By Iconomicon. It makes me giggle.

By Iconomicon - well, iconed by him, anyway. Fun for use in feminist communities, although I'm not really a Marxist feminist by any means.

I don't remember where I snagged this one. It was a couple of years ago when looking for Christmas/winter icons.

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